This is where you can watch the Animutations I did during the 2000s and my very last animutation made in 2016.

Thanks to the power of Ruffle, these movies can still be read on your browsers! But you still can download the original swf files by clicking the download link below the video.

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What is Animutation?

Animutation is a form of art once created by the genius Neil Cicierega in the very early 2000s. They are Flash musical movies where the graphics are made using pop culture pictures (compressed to the max) and GIFs, sometimes original drawings. The scenes and/or stories are often completely nonsense and presented in a comical way. The inspiration from these animutations seems to be from the cartoons made in Monty Python's Flying Circus. The most famous animutation is the second one made by Neil, Hyakugojyuuichi, that you can watch below.

A group of fans started to build and some animutations not made by Neil (called then Fanimutations) started to spread on the web. As the phenomenon and its community was discreetly growing, AnimutationPortal was born, and its wiki with that. It became then easier to find animutations and infos about them.

The phenomenon stopped around the end of the 2000s but the websites still exists. They are now part of the arts of the early years of the Internet.

What about Max?

Max le Fou is a french polyvalent artist who started his web carreer in 2002, pretty much after he discovered animutations. But it's in 2003 that he really starts getting interested into making some.

After joining a groupchat about Animutations, he sends a first draft (sadly lost in a hard drive crash), with a short sample of "Lou Albano"'s sont already used by Neil, to see if he can try making more. The results were encouraging and then, Max started making his real animutations (that you can find here). He discovers then the dark side of Newgrounds and its community, elitists taking pleasure into treating newbies like trash and having the power to ban anything that unpleases them (while letting survive other ones even if those were against rules)

(Fun fact, his NG account got hacked in 2008. But who cares. It's not even Max's name on it. 😃 )

Max then discovers DeviantArt and posts them there. They became more welcome here, encouraging Max to continue. Around 2004-2005, animutationportal comes alive. Max gladly puts all of his creations there and he got even more welcomed here, the ratings of his animutations being rated around 7/10. All of them, even the french speaking ones. He also posts them on SheezyArt. (which closed in 2012)

Sadly, DeviantArt decided that Animutations were copyright infringment and not pieces of art and, not only banned all Max's animutations, but around 80% of his fanarts for no reason. Utterly pissed, he left dA. You had to wait until 2013 to see Max posting stuff in there again... But it was too late anyway. His stuff survived thanks to AnimutationPortal.

After some time, Max uploads LightTight, his last animutation. He was still having some unfinished ones but he never could finish them, by lack of time, ideas and motivation. Slowly he "forgets" the animutation world, concentrating on other stuff.

In 2016, Max thought about the good old times and, unsatisfied on how he left the animutations, decided to make a last one. The very last animutation. His goodbyes to it. His "This is it". Max then created LINKS!!2, the sequel of LINKS!!1. In it, he worked the same way he worked back then, using only AS2, classic tweens and primitive functions of Flash.

At the end, if you click credits, you can see the list of all the animutation artists who contributed to the phenomenon. From the most to the least famous. As a "Thank you" for them. Those who accepted this silly intriguating art made by Neil in his youth. And as a thank you to Neil himself...

Liek dis if u cry everytim.

Links (not the animutation)

Here, you can find links on everything about animutations. Some of them might not work, due to animutations being acheological internet stuff nowadays.

  • Animutation.com : The website of Neil Cicierega that started it all. (Dead. Archive link)
  • Animutation Portal : The best place to find animutations. (Dead. Archive link)
  • FanimutationWiki : To know everything about all animutations
  • Archives of Max : Archives of Max le Fou. Contains the animutations but also some other stuff.
  • Newgrounds.... No. F### Newgrounds.